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The Future of Live Chat is AI

Start Using an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

Cut Costs on Staffing Live Chat

Works 24/7

Real Time Lead Notifications

Increased Sales Leads

Boosted Conversions

Never Miss a Visitor

Instant Replies to Visitors

Consistent Customer Service

Never Hesitates to Convert

Better User Engagement

Improved User Experience

Conversational AI

Interact, Engage, and Help visitors (with a human touch)

Greeting – Tailored to the page the user is viewing

Chatting/Questions – Chats with your visitors and answers questions based on what it learns from your site content. If it can’t answer a question, it offers human contact and captures the visitors email/phone (tests showed this increased leads by 7.2%)

Navigating – Helps visitors through your site by opening relevant pages for them (tests showed this increased leads by 5.1%)

Searching – Add search functionality to your site directly in the chatbot, helping users explore products/services/content (tests showed this increased conversions by 4.2% for visitors who use search)

Contacting – Provides visitors with relevant contact points based on their needs

Voice – Works with text and voice simultaneously (tests showed this increased in session duration and gave 3.5% more leads)

Unique Widget Layout

Enables users to interact with one click (tests showed this increased leads by 6.0% than a traditional chat box)

Avatar Optimisation

Even the Avatar is optimised (tests showed using a cartoon avatar icon delivered an average of 4.9% more leads than a photo)

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Create Your AI Chatbot in 3 easy steps

01 – Provide your site URL – AI will analyse your site to create your AI Chatbot within minutes. Self-learning AI creates chat scripts based on your website, and like any good employee, the AI Chatbot keeps learning and improves over time.

02 – Make a chat widget – Choose an avatar, colour and styles to match your website, and how you want it to interact with your visitors. No coding or web design needed

03 – Go live – Add the widget to your site by copying/pasting a single line of JavaScript code. It starts work straight away so you see immediate results

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Engage More Visitors, Converts More Leads, Simple.

User stats show an sales leads increase of 30% to 100% when using an AI Chatbot

It learns your website and is ready in minutes

Use a Conversational AI Chatbot to Grow Your Business by Easing Prospects into Leads, then Just Follow Up to Close the Sale

Outperforms Live Chat for Lead Generation

Based on customers observation comparing AI Chatbot with live chat. About 30% of customers compared the AI Chatbot to live chat and a few ran A/B tests, all confirmed AI outperformed human agents in lead generation, delivering more leads and higher conversion rates.

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Prove the Value to Your Business

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